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Why this course?

Cut through the noise and make better decisions by understanding what it really means for a building to be smart.

Our industry-leading suite of courses is specifically designed to walk you through the fundamental components of smart building technology.

Within the All Courses package, you will be able to:

  • have access to all 15 lessons
  • dip into lessons in no particular order
  • receive up to 15 certificates of completion

Each module has been tested with major clients, all on the same journey to gain a better understanding of smart technology. An industry expert will coach you through each lesson, providing you with the latest and greatest smart building insights.




Package Contents

T5 | Smart Facilities Management
Michael Grant
D5 | Mobile Apps
Sam Warren
T3 | Building a Business Case
Matthew Marson
D3 | WebTech
Zhelini Sivanesan
P3 | Smart Lighting
Jon Couch
D4 | Platforms
Michael Grant
D1 | Internet of Things
Michael Grant
T1 | Market Opportunity
Matthew Marson
P2 | Energy Analytics
Matthew Marson
T2 | Technology Fundamentals
Sam Hall
P5 | Occupier Wellness
Matthew Marson
T4 | Human/ Consumer Trends
Matthew Marson
D2 | System Architecture
Sam Hall
P1 | Smart Access
Mark Curling
P4 | Location Services
Matthew Marson

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